Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Gathering of Days...

The year is marching on and somehow our days and weeks end up full, even when there is little on the calendar. Here are some photos that give you a peek into some of the happenings at our house.

Our recent first rain of the season, though not any great amount, was enough to bring down a lot of wet leaves in the back yard. It definitely looks like fall out there!
Naomi has been working on her dinner-making skills as well as beginning a collection of recipes for her own recipe book. Yum...

One of our weekly activities is ice skating. On a few occasions Melody and Miss M have joined us. Here Miss M, at 3 1/2, is skating  for the first time.

 Last week we celebrated Naomi's birthday and she and I enjoyed an outing of shopping and lunch in a nearby community. Angela and her little guy joined us. We had a delicious lunch at a little bakery cafe. Naomi chose the barstool seating in front of the window!

On a recent fall day Naomi and I enjoyed a delightful afternoon of wreath making at the home and property of dear friends. We started off by gathering an assortment of cuttings, all from their gardens and property. Then we snipped, clipped, and bundled and fashioned beautiful autumn wreaths, all while enjoying the fall weather and the fellowship of good friends. (And some yummy cookies and good coffee as well!)

The finished projects:

Here are Naomi and Miss M enjoying a tea party on a recent afternoon while we were caring for Melody's two little ones. Melody had the flu :(
It is exciting to see the very last stage of our remodel getting finished, the master bedroom. Bob and I have taken up residence in one of the bedrooms vacated by our grown kids. It would have been tricky to do this when we had all 6 living at home! It's also very handy to have our two employees (aka sons) to help get the job done! (Son # 3, Lucas, is inspecting in the second photo!)

This is where Lucas spends a good amount of his day, wading through Algebra, Biology and other exciting subjects!

And lastly... a random shot of Sweet Pea and Sapphire struggling with their geometry... Hmm...