Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Uncle Henry...

Yesterday my Uncle Henry moved on from his earthly home to his eternal one. In the past 3 years, much of his body and mind had already failed him, leaving him all the more eager for his heavenly home. The only sadness I can feel is in knowing that it is the end of an earthly relationship and the conclusion of a long, well lived life.

When I think of Uncle Henry a few memorable things come to mind...

Uncle Henry was an orderly man. This was evident in his farm. Even as a child I was in awe of Uncle Henry's farm, meticulous and organized, in contrast to many of my farm experiences. His machine shop, his farm yard, his National Geographic collection... all in order!

He was also from a generation that was resourceful, if you needed something you made it and if it was broken you fixed it. He built his farm house and multitudes of other projects. He loved his tools and machinery. I marvel that he left his expansive grain fields and farm land and adapted to retirement in a condominium complex!

Another thing about Uncle Henry... in our family his name is pretty much synonymous with tractors. Nobody can see a John Deere tractor without commenting on Uncle Henry! His love of collecting and showing scale model farm machinery brought much joy to himself and to the many others who enjoyed his collections.

The most important thing about Uncle Henry was that although he was a very quiet and reserved man, he often spoke in simple and confident words of his faith in God. It was a blessing to my family, during one of his California visits, to have him share his testimony at one of our church meetings. Today I know that Uncle Henry is rejoicing, free from the encumbrances of a worn-out body.  I look forward to gathering and celebrating his life with family and friends!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day at the County Fair...

Last week we spent an afternoon, about 5 hours to be exact, at our local county fair. A special highlight this year was getting to enjoy it with our grandson, Mr. O. His mom and dad were very preoccupied that day with another big project!

Here he and Naomi are maneuvering  a tractor through a hay bale maze. The barns and machinery were the big highlights for Mr. O. Forget the merry-go-round, just find him a tractor to sit on!

First order of the day was to check on Naomi's fair entry, a photograph she had entered. A first place ribbon!

Good job, Naomi!

Every year at the fair Lucas watches the riders on the mechanical bull... and thinks about doing it. This year he decided to be a rider!

Ride 'em cowboy!
Everybody enjoyed their ice cream!
Mr. O is a heavy equipment guy; he can tell you if it's a front end loader or a backhoe or a compactor. Grandma has a thing or two to learn.

The petting zoo!
Learning to milk!
A ride with Aunt Naomi!
Hanging out with Grandpa!
Watching the big kids on the Ferris Wheel!

Experiencing Cotton Candy! (This was with permission from his mom and dad!)

All in all... a great day!