Friday, November 27, 2015


Welcome... please come in and share a bit of Thanksgiving with us!

The sentiment lettered on our kitchen wall is most fitting for our Thanksgiving celebration, but it is also a reminder of what we choose to do every day all year long.

I typically decorate our home seasonally rather than for particular holidays and I love to decorate the house for fall. I think it is my favorite season. I love the fall colors and they work well with my "year round" house colors of browns, greens, yellow and a bit of burgundy. I do have a few distinctly "Thanksgiving" decorations that I bring out just prior to our celebration. One of my favorites is this set of white porcelain pilgrim children. It was a gift from Bob's parents probably 20 years ago. It's simplicity seems to embody the spirit of the Pilgrims.
These "recycled sweater pumpkins" were a project that Naomi and I did this year. She found the instructions while browsing on Pinterest and we picked up a couple of sweaters from a thrift store.
Our floor plan allows us to set a long banquet style table that extends into our living room. Thanksgiving is the one meal we try to sit down together to share. Most often our gatherings are casual and often enjoyed outdoors. Below is a view of our table from both ends.
Naomi created cute, simple silverware and napkin "pockets" to put at each place; and we decorated the tables with colored leaves from our yard.
And finally, the most important part of the day: family, friends and good food!
Jordan carved up the whole 24 lb turkey. Thanks, Jordan!
Melody and Leslie tossing the salads.
Naomi, who always loves a costume opportunity, chose to dress in a Native American inspired outfit with her suede skirt, shawl and braids with feathers.
This little guy was the youngest guest and was celebrating his first Thanksgiving.
Angela and "most" of her family.
(There were 3 little cousins that didn't make it into many of my photos as they were on the go most of the time!)
Mr.O and his mom had made turkey hats for all the cousins.Here, Miss M. is modeling hers.
Here is the missing member of Angela's family! On the floor, driving a truck of course!
Peter graced us with guitar music while we did the final food prep.
This little sweetie was hanging out in the kitchen with the gals!

Lucas, wielding a turkey prong!
Bob, overseeing the whole operation!
Here is another one of those elusive grandsons!
I grabbed a quick photo of the island once all the food was ready, but before we dug in. I did miss the whole side counter, which is where the turkey, potatoes and gravy were.
We have so many amazing cooks! The menu included turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberries, two different sweet potato dishes (one sweet and one savory), stuffing, roasted brussel sprouts, a gelatin salad, two amazing green salads, rolls and kimchi (Korean fermented vegetables).
We were 19 around the table, which included 2 in high chairs and one in an infant seat. We were missing Timothy and Jessica, but were glad that they were celebrating with Jessica's brother and wife in New Mexico.
Desserts included pumpkin cheesecake, cranberry apple pie, cake and fudge!
By the end of the evening the little ones were at the end of their rope. This little guy was being consoled by his Aunt Becky.

Thanks for dropping by!


Friday, November 13, 2015

Too Cute....

 So... the other day I had a few of the grand kids for the day while their moms where out having a "girls outing". The kids got hold of some calculators we had in our school room... and these are the pictures I snapped. They were all busy "texting" and "calling" one another!

 Lest anyone think these kids spend their days on electronic devices, I will say in their defense they had already spent most of the day building with Lincoln Logs, creating elaborate train set-ups, coloring, doing puzzles and playing outdoors!

Little Sweeties!!!