Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Swimming Lessons...

The past two weeks Naomi and Lucas have been able to take swimming lessons right in our own neighborhood. Mrs. Hoss is a Certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and gives private lessons in her backyard pool. Her experience as an elementary school teacher shows as she is great working with kids. Both the kids have made progress and had a great time too!

Here is Naomi modeling her new swimsuit. How great to have a big sister that can sew  up a swimsuit in one afternoon without even a pattern! And  have it be cute, stylish and modest!
Here is Lucas working on his front crawl and treading water. Notice Naomi in the hot tub in the first picture. This was one of our cooler mornings and she was warming up after her lesson!

Naomi working on her elementary back stroke with a noodle to help keep her afloat.
Taking a rest!


  1. Oh, looks like such fun! What a joy it must be for you to spend time with not only your children but also your sweet grandchildren. You look like a complete natural as a Grandma with that darling baby boy resting on your lap! Makes me look forward to the season of grandparenting, even more.

  2. ooops, posted the comment on the wrong post. Nontheless, looks like fun. How nice Lucas and Naomi had the opportunity to take swimming lessons. We'll probably give William the opportunity to learn to swim in the future too.