Monday, October 26, 2015

Ballroom Dancing...

Ballroom dancing is a newer activity in our household; newer in the sense that only our youngest two have gotten involved in it. Lucas was introduced to it by friends, and it quickly became a passion.

Lucas has moved up to the level of Junior Dance Instructor this year and Naomi has just started as a first year student.
Naomi, on her way to her first class.
Lucas in his formal attire. His dance shoes have a special sole that he doesn't wear out of doors, hence the sneakers with his tux!
Lucas, in position, ready to dance!
Here is a video with Lucas and his partner dancing a Night Club Two Step routine:
(bear with the first few seconds of commotion!)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Classic Cars, Glenn Miller music and Swing Dancing...

This past Sunday we attended a Classic Car show up at Lake Sonoma. Lucas was part of a small group of dancers from the Nordquist Dance Studio that had been invited to dance at the event.

I can't say I am a big fan of vintage cars, but there were many beautifully restored vehicles representing the years 1900 to 1954. Car owners were in appropriate vintage attire, and the entertainment included Big Band era music and our Swing Dancers in costume also!

It was a gorgeous fall day with the temperature reaching the upper 80s - a little warm for our dancers!
 Lucas is on the right with his dance partner.
The musicians.
 The dancers!
 A few of the vehicles.
A cute vintage trailer, fully restored and decorated with authentic decor!
Lucas and Naomi.
Lucas chose this vehicle for a photo!