Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Naomi and her "girls"...

Thought I'd post some pictures of Naomi and her two guinea pigs, Sweet Pea and Sapphire. They are pretty funny little critters!

They make a whole array of sounds: chirping and squealing and purring. They race around madly first thing in the morning but otherwise are pretty sedentary. They like to cuddle and recently Naomi sewed two matching "cuddle cups" (basically pet beds), for them which she uses when she brings them into the house. They are often curled up in these beds on the table next to her as she is doing her school work. (Who knows maybe we'll have some very educated guinea pigs!)

Here they are enjoying a nice juicy dandelion from the yard!
Here Little O is feeding them a carrot. He has abbreviated their names to, "Pea-Pea" and "Fire".
This is so funny... Sapphire is lounging on her back, munching on a carrot! 
Oh the life of a pampered guinea pig!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Good Lookin' Guys...

My first born son with his first born son - all decked out for a wedding!

The little man looks so grown up with his "big boy" haircut and tie and suspenders!

So sweet...
... love them both!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Afternoon At Grandma's...

Periodically I get to have two of the grandchildren over for lunch and the afternoon. It's a fun change of pace for all of us. Miss M. and Mr. B. enjoy playing with their "big kid" aunt and uncle. I get to enjoy the kids and their dear mom gets an afternoon of peace and quiet! Usually I am not so good about getting the camera out when they are here, but this week I did, so here are some photos of an afternoon at Grandmas!

Painting with water is a great activity - it has a lot going for it - you never run out of "canvas" as the sun "erases" it quickly, it does not stain clothing or faces and clean up is a snap!...Of course the down side is that there's no art work to hang on the refrigerator!

Play Doh was fun for Miss M. and Naomi.
Mr. B. having snack with Uncle Lucas!
And of course... even an afternoon at Grandma's house includes a nap!
Lots of fun memories!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

60 Years Ago Today...

Although we did our celebrating last month, today marks 60 years of marriage for Dad & Mom. In honor of their special day I will reprint my post from their 59th anniversary. It is every bit as true today as one year ago. I only hope that there will be many more anniversaries yet to celebrate!
Today my parents celebrate 60 years of marriage. That is an admirable milestone in and of itself, but what is more admirable to me is the way in which they have lived out those 60 years. Their life's journey took them from the farm to major cities all across Canada. Their retirement years brought a total loss of vision for my mom and now in their senior years they face the multitude of health challenges that come with age. The journey of life often takes us to unexpected places, but Mom and Dad have always embraced their life with contentment and graciousness. Wherever they went they made friends, found a church and got to know their neighbors. They have always practiced kindness, generosity and hospitality. I am so blessed to have them as my parents.

So today I say ~ Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Here is a song for your anniversary: