Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes!

 I don't really consider myself a gardener; that is I love fresh garden produce but don't really enjoy all the digging, weeding, watering etc. that is required to get the fresh garden produce. I tolerate doing all those gardening chores because I really like the end result, but it also means that if the end result is less than satisfactory I am not a very happy gardener!

This year much of our garden was less than satisfactory, but the 4 little Celebrity tomato plants that I got at Home Depot have been amazingly prolific! I started making tally marks with chalk on the fence to record the tomatoes I picked; I'm at 160 so far and the plants are still loaded! We have been eating tomatoes every day and making lots of fresh salsa as well as putting many in the freezer for sauce in the future. I guess we are all getting our daily vitamin C and lycopene!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog ...

“Mom, you should start a blog,” one of my daughters said.

“Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few,” quotes one of my sons, regarding the blogging craze.

A little bit of research tells me that there are an estimated 164 million blogs worldwide and that half of all bloggers are in the US.

A little more research provides me with a list of the top ten reasons people blog. Do I fit any of them?

No, I'm not trying to establish myself as a professional or make a living by blogging.

No, I'm not trying to sway public opinion or promote a product.

No, I'm not trying to connect with like-minded people worldwide.

Yes, reason number 8, I want to stay connected with family and friends. This is why I'll blog!

I'm blessed to have my married children and grandbabies all living within 20 miles, but even still we can't all keep up on the ins and outs of daily life ~ the newest baby developments, the home decorating project or a recent vacation or outing. So I enjoy checking in on everyone's blogs to see what's new.

I really wish my near and distant family and friends could just pop in regularly to catch up over a cup of coffee, but since that cannot be, I am happy for the technology that allows us to keep in touch.

To that end I launch my blog. So please stop by and bring your own cup of coffee! No guarantees about how often I'll post; just taking it one day at a time, like the rest of my life. =)