Thursday, May 26, 2016

Our Menagerie...

Currently the animals outnumber the humans in our household!

Naomi has enjoyed her two guinea pigs, Sweet Pea and Sapphire, for almost 3 years now. She is a very devoted "mommy" to her piggies - giving them lots of love and attention. In fact she has trained Sapphire to raise a small flag on a flagpole. It is very cute! I will try to upload a video soon and post it.

Recently she adopted 2 more guinea pigs into her "piggy" household. These are two sisters about 1 1/2 years old. Their owner needed to find a new home for them. On the left is Butterscotch and on the right is Oreo. Those are the names they came with and Naomi thought they were cute and well suited! The guinea pigs are still getting used to each other and have had a few "squabbles"!
Below is a picture of all four of them together... on our kitchen floor! (when did I agree to have guinea pigs loose in the house?)
On top of doubling our guinea pig population, we are puppy-sitting for Angela and Crandon who are on vacation. "Hank" is a very adorable puppy that they adopted from the local animal shelter. He was one of nine pups that lost their mother at a very young age. He is currently about 11 weeks old. They believe him to be a mix of Lab and Catahoula Leopard dog; he has some spotting on his back and rump, which you can't see in the photo. He is super sweet... but having a puppy is a little like having a baby again... night time whining and mopping up of puddles! Actually he is doing very well and Naomi has done 90% of the work, so I can't complain.
Stay tuned... I haven't forgotten about the "graduation post".

Monday, May 2, 2016

A Whirlwind Catch-up...

It's been more than 2 months since my last post and I won't even attempt to make excuses! Suffice it to say that sometimes the journey gets so busy that there is little time to record it!

Perhaps my readers have given up... but I will attempt to hit on a few of the many activities that have taken place in the past few months.

Naomi and I spent a day at the Children's Museum with these two little guys while their Mom and Dad were getting the family moved.

Miss M. hosted a lovely Valentine's Tea that Naomi and I were invited to. She was quite the little hostess and had helped prepare all the food and made the decorations and set a lovely table!
February's costume dance at Nordquist was a "Disco Night". Here are my two dancers in costume.

I had the fun of taking my daughter and my granddaughter on a great field trip to the Shulz Museum.
A short trip to Canada in March included a one day reunion with my long time high school friend and maid of honor, whom I had not seen in more than 30 years! We spent 6 hours together, which hardly did justice to 30 years, but it was a great blessing to catch up and see how God had been faithful in each of our lives!
We had a family brunch on the Resurrection Weekend and tried hard to get a photo of all the grandkids. Seven kids age 5 and under... this was one of the better shots!
My 3 handsome sons... taken at the same brunch! (They were more cooperative to photograph!)
Late March we attended a 3 day speech tournament in Modesto. Here Lucas and Naomi are on their way to compete the first morning.
Bob and his brother. We enjoyed an overnight visit last month from Bob's brother and sister-in-law; it had been too long since our last visit!
Lucas is coming up on his high school graduation and has been busy with lots of "graduate activities". He will participate in a graduation ceremony with 8 other home educated graduates, all fellow speech classmates. They are a great bunch of kids! Here they are being goofy together...
... and here they are in their caps and gowns!
Another recent outing was two days in San Francisco for Lucas to take some aptitude tests. It was a great experience and we all enjoyed the outing in the city. These are a couple photos of the many unique and unusual skyscrapers in the financial district.
This was a heated bench in an outdoor shopping center. I had a hard time getting Naomi and Bob off of it!
There were many beautiful planted flower pots in the Embarcadero Center.
On our way out of San Francisco we stopped at the Northern Vista Point to enjoy the beautiful views.
Jordan and Becky recently spent a fun day with Lucas taking some senior photos in several locations and in a few different outfits. Becky did an amazing job! I will do a blog post soon (maybe!) featuring some of the great pictures she took!

Well, that was a hit and miss blog post... but it makes me feel better and now I can attempt to stay a little more current! =)