Friday, September 12, 2014


It was so great to have Dad, Mom and Aunt Mildred down to California for a 10 day visit. Traveling by air is no easy undertaking these days. I was able to travel with them on their journey down, but they made the trek back on their own. The whole process of airport check in, dealing with baggage, customs, immigration and airport security is a little daunting for any of us, but throw in 3 octogenarians and a wheelchair and it becomes a little overwhelming! Fortunately we did have a few very helpful people along the way.

Most of their stay was spent visiting with all the family, taking walks, reading and in general enjoying the pleasant weather. I must say I regret not taking more photos, but it never seems to be at the top of my priority list, so when things get busy I usually don't get to the camera. Here are a few photos of our visit, some collected from my family. Sadly I have no photos that include Timothy & Jessica; they were with us for our first family get together but then left for their trip to Europe.
The first evening was a family BBQ, this is the only photo which doesn't show much of the family, but everyone was there, all 20 of us!

Sunday lunch at Carrows
picnicking in the redwoods
hugs from great grandma and great grandpa
meeting the newest great garndbaby, just 3 weeks old!
puzzles with Aunt Mildred
playing "peek" in the back yard
Grandpa after receiving fashion advice from Lucas on how to wear his plaid shirt and sunglasses!

...and of course there were lots of cups of coffee to tie together all the outings and visiting!