Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Slipping By...

... and just like that, another month has slipped by! Summer at our house is filled with a mixture of activities... take a look!

A Fathers' Day outing to a nearby historic mill, enjoyed by fathers, sons, sons-in-law, and grandsons!
 A flagstone patio is in the works to replace our old cracked and heaved concrete patio.
 Sons at work...
...and taking a break!
A very short, but great visit with family from Canada.
My brother and his wife:
 A niece with brand new baby I.
 Another niece and her husband:
 Yet another niece, great nephew and grand fun to see them all playing together!

Everyone gathering for prayer before dinner, (27 of us):
Some of the men, hanging out after sunset:
 It was a beautiful evening... we enjoyed the outdoor lights and a campfire:
Kids and grandkids...

 The sandbox is always a popular play area!
 Cousins enjoying the tire swing!
 Fourth of July pie making!
 Swimming lessons and pool time:
Our cheerful new cookware... an anniversary gift!
 Grandma enjoying the newest little one!