Friday, October 11, 2013

Afternoon At Grandma's...

Periodically I get to have two of the grandchildren over for lunch and the afternoon. It's a fun change of pace for all of us. Miss M. and Mr. B. enjoy playing with their "big kid" aunt and uncle. I get to enjoy the kids and their dear mom gets an afternoon of peace and quiet! Usually I am not so good about getting the camera out when they are here, but this week I did, so here are some photos of an afternoon at Grandmas!

Painting with water is a great activity - it has a lot going for it - you never run out of "canvas" as the sun "erases" it quickly, it does not stain clothing or faces and clean up is a snap!...Of course the down side is that there's no art work to hang on the refrigerator!

Play Doh was fun for Miss M. and Naomi.
Mr. B. having snack with Uncle Lucas!
And of course... even an afternoon at Grandma's house includes a nap!
Lots of fun memories!

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