Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Baby for My Blanket :)

I have enjoyed knitting a blanket for each of my grandbabies before their arrival. Since I am not an outstanding or fast knitter, I have scrambled to finish each blanket before the arrival date! When the last one (Little Guy) arrived last June, I decided to get a jump start on another blanket. I do enjoy having a knitting project on the go; it is nice to have something to do if the family is watching a movie that I am not particularly riveted to or when I'm sitting in the back of Lucas's 3 hour speech class.

Since there was no baby on the way, I chose a cotton yarn in a nice, fresh, variegated green. As my blanket has been progressing, I have thought and wondered about the little one that might occupy it. It was nearing completion and I thought maybe it would just have to be tucked away on a shelf for awhile. But...

We recently got news that there will be a baby for my blanket! Now as I finish up the last inches, I can pray for the little one that, Lord willing, will be swaddled in it next August!

We rejoice!

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