Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blast to the Past...

This week, Lucas's ballroom dance class was having a costume dance. The theme was 1970's Disco. Well, I thought we'd pop into a few thrift stores and find some really cool polyester bell-bottoms, maybe even plaid ones! And of course a wide collared colorful jersey knit shirt. A pair of platform shoes would have been the icing on the cake!

The 70s was my high school era and the decade that I got married, which really doesn't seem that long ago. I think of 70s fashions as perhaps just a little "outdated", the stuff that I weeded out of my closet just a few years ago. I soon found out that 30+ year old fashions are not just "outdated", they are "vintage" and that means that they are snatched up at estate sales and skimmed off the top of donations by "dealers" and costume rental businesses and now you can find those polyester bell-bottoms at vintage fashion expos and on ebay for ridiculous prices!

 So... we had to get a little creative. We found 2 pairs of matching jeans at the thrift store and called upon the expert services of Angela to create an awesome pair of bell-bottoms. We did find a baby blue satin polyester shirt that I'm sure is in fact from the 70s and I sewed a simple neck-scarf to complete the outfit. Alas, no platform shoes or "big hair", but all-in-all he looked pretty great!   

Picture 300 students, in makeshift 1970s costumes, dancing to the Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive"  =)



  1. Kind of reminds me of . . . . . . . . me! So very long ago. Good job to all involved. And to you Lucas, for you are the star here.