Saturday, March 14, 2015 far!

In an effort to be more consistent with posting, I'm putting up some random photos from this year. It's hard to believe we are almost 3 months into 2015 already! So here goes...

My most recently completed baby blanket, for Mr. E. It didn't get finished til a couple months after he was born. I'm now busily working on the next one for Baby #7, due the end of May!

These two pics were from one winter day when these two grands were over for the afternoon.

This little lady is so much bigger now, crawling and standing, but this was one Sunday afternoon when she and her family were by for a visit.

Big brother enjoying his construction vehicles during the same visit.

These toddler size bunks were a project built by Mr. B and Miss M.'s dad with the help of Lucas and Bob. They came out very nicely and will help make space for baby, in May!
Lucas, dressed for one of his costume dances, in 60's attire. He created the tie-dye tee shirt himself!
Lucas and his speech partner at the end of a recent tournament down in Palm Springs.

Well, check back in a week (or so) and hopefully I'll have some of our Disneyland photos up!

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