Wednesday, October 10, 2012


2 blissful newlyweds, plus 2 years of marriage, equals a beautiful family of 3!
Happy 2nd Anniversary Jordan & Becky!


  1. Well, since it's still 'fresh and clean' here, I will add a little tribute.

    To my son and daughter (-in-law): your life together has been a special journey and inspiration - for you, for us as parents, and for so many others that have been touched by you. Thank you for the beauty of that life, and for the sweetness of what we get to watch and taste, even if from afar. The tribute and blessing that we did for you (Jordan) a few years ago now is in process of fulfillment . . . we've watched you grow and position yourself for such a life with your wife and family, and before the face of our Lord. Both of you, continue in His grace and blessings! Your life continues what our life here has continued from those that have gone this pilgrim way before us.

  2. A Happy Anniversary to Jordon and Becky; you look so very happy! What a wonderful family-I know you are all blessed!