Tuesday, October 9, 2012

59 Years Ago Today!

Today my parents celebrate 59 years of marriage. That is an admirable milestone in and of itself, but what is more admirable to me is the way in which they have lived out those 59 years. Their life's journey took them from the farm to major cities all across Canada. Their retirement years brought a total loss of vision for my mom and now in their senior years they face the multitude of health challenges that come with age. The journey of life often takes us to unexpected places, but Mom and Dad have always embraced their life with contentment and graciousness. Wherever they went they made friends, found a church and got to know their neighbors. They have always practiced kindness, generosity and hospitality. I am so blessed to have them as my parents. So today I say ~ Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

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  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents Olinda! What a milestone and a legacy they have given their family. When I saw the wedding photo I realized you look like your mom and that your boys look like your dad. Such a precious photo and what a lovely tribute to them-not surprising because you are very much like them-so thoughtful, loving, gracious. Hugs to you today my friend.