Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Early Birthday Gift!

 On Thanksgiving Day my kids surprised me with an early birthday gift ~ a new sewing machine! I have always sewed and have always had a sewing machine. Quite a few years ago my two machines had reached the end of their useful life, but by then both of my oldest daughters had acquired one or more machines of their own, so no worries I still had a machine to use when I needed it (or better yet I had resident seamstresses that could do my sewing for me!). But alas, more than a year ago my last seamstress got married and moved out taking three machines with her so I have been without a sewing machine since then.

I was totally surprised and overwhelmed by their generous gift; and now I am getting familiar with my new machine and planning some projects. When I opened the gift, Naomi, who at ten is just learning to sew, leaned over and whispered with a sparkle in her eye, "Now we can make anything we want, Mom!"

My first project was a simple skirt for Naomi, remade from a skirt of mine that I no longer wore.

Thank you all my dear children!

My first project!

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