Monday, December 31, 2012

Recording Life in 2012 ...

Well I purposed to make a final blog post for the year, so here it is. I don't get particularly sentimental about the ending of one year or the beginning of the next; in most ways tomorrow will be no different than any other new day. My biggest challenge will be remembering to write 2013 rather than 2012, and that may take me the better part of January to overcome!

One of my year end projects has been putting together a photo book through My Publisher. For the first 29 years of our marriage I diligently filled photo albums with printed photos that chronicled our day to day life. These albums line our bookshelves and our children, young and old, have always enjoyed pulling them down and browsing through them. Sometimes we want to see how much a grandchild resembles their parent at a particular age, or maybe we're trying to remember when we acquired a certain piece of furniture, or maybe one of the adult kids wants to share some of their childhood with a spouse or special friend! So... the problem...  enter the era of the digital camera. Now all the photos are nicely organized in folders on the computer. Not nearly as gratifying to sit and browse through, especially for the up and coming grand kids that will most certainly want to look at Grandma and Grandpa's ancient history! I know many people create beautiful photo books with their digital photos for every vacation, holiday, birthday, etc., but that is just too overwhelming for me to think of, not to mention very costly. This year I determined that my goal would be, that at the end of each year I would create one album, a family yearbook of sorts, that would highlight some of the events of our year. That way there will continue to be albums to pull off the shelf, a tangible record of our life. You can check with me in a few years and see if I'm keeping up!

That said, I have mostly finished putting together our 2012 family yearbook, so for those of you that may not see the printed version for some time, I thought I would end the year with a few highlights from 2012.

The arrival of Mr. O - our first grandson!
Sharing chocolate cake (shh... don't tell Daddy)
Timothy's big adventure to Boston!
Jessica becomes a regular smiling face in our household =)
We celebrate Dad's 80th birthday, a real milestone considering where he was the year before!
The WHOLE family goes camping, even Melody at 8 1/2 months pregnant.
Four generations!
Prize winning entries at the county fair.
The arrival of Mr. B., a second grandson!
Another trip to Canada.
Ice Skating and coffee in the Warm Puppy Cafe!
Celebrating a double digit birthday with a good friend.
Growing grandbabies!
Another grand baby "in the works"
A reunion with a cousin after 34 years!
Blessings and a Happy New Year to all ~

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