Monday, February 11, 2013

Playing in the Snow!

I love that we live in the very comfortable climate of Northern California and an added benefit to our location is that we can be at the ocean in less than an hour or up to the mountains to enjoy the snow in about 3 1/2 hours.

Playing in the snow is definitely different than living in the snow. Having grown up in the Canadian prairies I know that living in the snow is hard work, so I am very happy that we can enjoy playing in the snow in short doses and then return to the comfort of our daily life.

We just returned from a wonderful time of playing in the snow. Jordan & Becky did all the work of finding a rental house and planning a family trip to the snow. Most of the family was able to make it up for at least a few days. The house they chose to rent was the same one our family had stayed in 23 years ago when Jordan was just a little guy, and here we were again, this time with our grandson just a little guy. How quickly life moves!

We enjoyed good food, games, sledding and outdoor skating at a nearby ski village. Timothy and Jessica added to the festivities by arriving with a sparkling ring on Jessica's left hand! That was a bonus celebration that added to our vacation!

We are so blessed to enjoy good times with our extended family!

Naomi worked diligently everyday on her snow fort!
The newly engaged couple!

This little guy thought the snow was pretty cool!!!


  1. Hi my friend, Firstly congrat's to you all-how wonderful that your family is growing more and more. Our family still tries to go up to the Rockies once a winter, to snowshoe and just play together. WE are going in two weeks; will have three condos though. I loved seeing all the pics-I'm wondering where you went? Have a great week dear one.

    1. Thanks, Noreen! We were staying at Agate Bay, the very north tip of Lake Tahoe. We skated at Northstar. Some of the family skiied the day after we left. Lots of fun!