Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our Week...

A few photos of our week...

Last Friday Lucas and Naomi had a riding lesson with Becky. Lucas rode on Hickory and Naomi rode on Phoenix. There are limited photos of the event, all taken by Naomi, as I (Grandma) was out walking Little O. in the stroller so his Mommy could give the lessons.

Naomi's lessons were a birthday gift and Lucas is earning his by cleaning tack and doing barn chores!

Phoenix got his mane braided by Naomi while Lucas had his lesson!

Poor Dixie... Naomi decided her doll needed a riding experience also!

While much of the country is enduring winter storms and dumping snow, we in northern California have been having balmy, summer-like days.Yesterday Naomi and I took Miss M. to our neighborhood park and soaked up some of that sun.

A good romp on the field is great preparation for nap time!
A clump of "Spring" in our backyard!

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