Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Day at the Beach...

 Yesterday we enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach, thanks to Naomi! Recently she got all her multiplication facts through 12 memorized and for her reward she got to choose a Friday outing. She decided she wanted to go to the beach with a stop at the Wild Flour Bakery on the way out for some yummy bread (we got a loaf each of Fougasse and Sticky Bun). It was one of the most beautiful days I have spent at the beach - warm, sunny and calm.

We all came home a little sun burned!

 Lucas spent most of the afternoon digging a pit. He assured us that if he'd had enough time he would have emerged somewhere off the coast of Australia!
I couldn't resist this picture! Angela was busy taking a photo, and the sun behind her created a silhouette showing how nicely our next grand baby is growing! :)

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