Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Wedding Chain...

We have a tradition in our family, at least I think it could be considered a tradition as this is the fourth time it has happened. When one of the kids has gotten engaged, Naomi has made a paper chain to count down the days until the wedding. The soon-to-be bride or groom gets to tear a link off each day and we all watch the chain grow shorter. This visual reminder has the ability to create joy (look how few days are left!) or anxiety (look how much we have left to do in so few days!) or discouragement ( look how looong it still is!), all depending on who is looking at it.

This tradition was born out of a practice we used with the children when they were younger and they were anticipating a big event, like a birthday or vacation, but didn't yet have a very good concept of days or weeks or months. The count down chain gave them a visual calendar of "how long" it was until the special day. So of course when Melody got engaged 4 1/2 years ago and Naomi was to be a flower girl, that was definitely an occasion for a count down chain! Thus the tradition of the wedding chain was begun. Naomi, now 10 is quite proficient at using calendars, but she still eagerly made a chain when Timothy announced his wedding date. This time she even made a matching chain for Jessica to count down at her house. We tease them, that if someone accidentally forgets to tear off a link, they may not both show up for the wedding on the same day =D

Someday I expect Naomi will be making a chain for her own wedding, and I will be the one sadly watching each link disappear!