Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thirty Two Years Ago ...

Thirty two years ago today, I gave birth to my first child. She was so tiny and perfect; I had no idea that sweet, tiny little baby would grow to be such a beautiful, devoted daughter and a dear friend. We struggled through all those "firsts" together, as is the fate of all first-born children. She was stubborn, independent and tenacious, and while all those adjectives still describe her character, today she applies them with grace and wisdom. She is devoted to her husband, family and friends. She was born to organize, and there is no finer seamstress. Above all she lives to know and serve God.

In a few short months she will welcome her own first-born into the world. I pray that she will be as blessed as I have been.

Today is a reminder to me of how blessed I am!

Happy Birthday, Angela!


  1. Thank you, Mom! I have a greater appreciation this year for the anticipation and emotions that must have gone along with the last months of pregnancy and looking forward to meeting your baby.

    I'm thankful that you are my mother, and my friend!

  2. Hi Olinda, I am blessed to have seen how wonderful a mother you are and what a great girl you have. Wish we were closer now-I bet we'd have fun with the grands. I have to say I think Angela looks so much like you!
    From one nana to another, sending hugs and blessings. Happy Birthday Angela.