Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Canada Photos...

I didn't do too much picture taking on our recent trip to Canada. I guess we were busy visiting and doing projects, but here are a few photos:
 Feeding the ducks at the lake.
 The wave pool is one of our regular excursions when we go to visit my parents. It is an indoor pool with a "beach" and waves. It also has 2 long twisty waterslides, a lagoon and water play structure. Here Naomi has just been washed onto shore by the waves!
Enjoying the play structure.
 Dinner with my brother and his family.
My Uncle Henry, who lives in a care home due to a stroke he suffered 2 years ago.
Naomi and Grandma
The new Canadian $20 bill. It is made of a plastic material with a clear strip on the right side which is imbedded with holographic images. Eventually all their bills will be of this same material. Canada has also recently done away with the penny!
A very distinguished gentleman who happens to be my dad! =)

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  1. You got some good pictures! Those are nice ones with Uncle Henry, and I love the pic of Grandpa in the hat!