Monday, May 20, 2013

Chenille Baby Blanket

As each of the grandbabies have come along I have made blankets for them. Mostly I have made knitted ones, but I have also made a minky blanket and a quilt (with some help). This time I came across instructions for making a hand cut chenille blanket. It looked intriguing and was something I'd never done, so decided to take it on as a project for Angela's upcoming little one.

I chose a dotted print for the backing. It is a soft butter yellow with dots of aqua, red, brown and green. The colors are all in the vintage hues that Angela likes. Next I selected three solid color flannels, yellow, white and aqua, to coordinate with the print, and lastly decided on aqua satin binding to finish the edges.

The process involved layering the three flannels on top of the backing and then machine stitching rows every 1/2 inch on the diagonal. Stitching on the diagonal grain is very important in order for the chenille to fray properly.

When the whole blanket was stitched, I cut the three layers of flannel between the rows of stitching, being very careful not to cut the backing fabric.

 Next I straightened and trimmed the sides and finished the edges with my satin binding.

Now was the exciting part, I put the blanket through a wash and dry cycle and ... voila! It is now a chenille blanket. I especially love the way all 3 of the flannel colors appear in the rows of chenille.

"Chenille" is apparently the French word for caterpillar - a very fitting name I think!

It is a weighty blanket and very textured. I'm imagining it will make a great play blanket for the floor.

Now we just need a little one to lay on it! Soon, I'm guessing!

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  1. What a sweet and lovely blanket! I love baby blankets and quilts. You can't have too many of them, especially one's that are made by Grandma! :-)

    I'm sure Angela and her little one will spend many hours making good use of it!