Monday, May 6, 2013

Liberty's Birthday

April 23 is a celebrated day at our house. It is Liberty's Birthday, marked with a special dinner, dessert and even a few presents. Liberty is Naomi's very beautiful German made 18 inch doll purchased from Vision Forum several years ago. She is a well dressed doll thanks to a big sister who is a talented seamstress.(You can check out some of her custom wardrobe here
As soon as Naomi received Liberty she chose April 23 as her birth date and we have celebrated her birthday ever since. This year Liberty received a cute jacket (a newborn size from the thrift store), a pair of mittens (snipped from a souvenir key chain brought home from Canada) and colorful hair-ties from the dollar store!
While some of the family members, like big brothers in particular, roll their eyes at this annual event, I am trying to cherish these last vestiges of childhood. Having watched two daughters grow up already, I know that the days of dolly birthday parties will soon be long gone!

So...Happy Birthday, Liberty!

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