Monday, June 24, 2013

Wedding Company...

The wedding is over, the company gone and the house is feeling rather quiet after such a flurry of activity. The past few days have been filled with catching up on laundry, bookkeeping and other mundane household tasks. After an event I always regret that I didn't take more photos, but in the busyness of the moment it seems there are always more pressing things to do than take pictures... so here are a few that I did get.

It was great having Mom and Dad here again after nearly 3 years!

Mom and Dad enjoying their newest great grandchild.

My brother and his wife hadn't been to our home in 16 1/2 years, it was great to have them here!

Some backyard dining with some of the family.
My aunt, keeping my garden watered for me - thanks!
The wedding couple at the rehearsal dinner.
Two grandsons enjoying their pizza dinner!

A delicious wedding morning breakfast brought to us by dear friends!
A morning coffee, donut and strawberry break.

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  1. Hi Olinda, Congrat's again on the new daughter in law. I loved seeing your parents. What a wonderful family time for all of you. We are so blessed, aren't we!
    Sending lots of love your way today.