Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Big Event...

The last day of our trip was the 60th anniversary celebration. The event that had brought us all up there. Dad and Mom's condominium complex has a lovely clubhouse that was perfect for our Sunday afternoon "Come and Go Tea". We were able to set everything up on Saturday afternoon. We decorated with tablecloths and ribbons used at Angela and Crandon's wedding, in teal and gold and silver. Melody put together some pretty flower arrangements, and several of us did some baking. These next few pictures are Saturday after we set up.
We used the same guest book that was used for their wedding, 60 years ago. I think the only guest that was at the anniversary and the wedding was my Aunt Mildred!

These are some photos from the event - lots of good visiting with friends, neighbors and family!
Miss M. was showing off her sticker on the front of her dress!
Everyone enjoyed looking at Mom and Dad's wedding album.
(By the way, that is the next great-grandchild, due in October, in the center of the photo!)
Don't Dad & Mom look great!
This little guy was worn out by the end of the party! Fortunately his Aunt Naomi was happy to sit and hold him.
After celebrating all afternoon, the family and some close friends went out to dinner at a local restaurant that Dad and Mom frequent.
Here are the 5 of us: Mom & Dad, Myself, Doug & Brenda
I consider myself very blessed to be able to celebrate this milestone anniversary with my parents!

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