Monday, September 14, 2015


 Our apple tree didn't produce a huge crop this year, due in part to general neglect! The tree didn't get very much water nor did the fruit get thinned at all. Nonetheless, we did get a number of apples. This photo was taken after we had already used several batches so doesn't represent the total.

Naomi has done most of the processing of them. We have done a couple batches of applesauce as well as having a couple of apple desserts. Most recently she has taken to making "bite-sized apple fritters" and they are so good! She got the recipe from Becky who also makes very yummy apple fritters.

We will be bringing the recipe with us on our next visit to Canada!


 So Delicious!

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  1. Happy First Day of Autumn dear friend! This time of year always brings back memories of you and Wendy and our fun times together. That looks like an abundance of apples; we always used to make applesauce but the girls are so very busy that we just don't do it much anymore. Love that Naomi loves to bake-reminds me of you and your oldest daughters.
    Sending love your way!