Monday, September 7, 2015

Family Camping... Finale

The campground where we were camping has a full mile of beach on the Russian River. We had looked forward to some water play, but arrived to find warnings about toxic blue-green algae present in the river. We chose to skip swimming, but enjoyed a day of kayaking on the river.

The little folks had their water fun in the campground with buckets of water and dollar store water squirters!
Lucas in the kayak...
Naomi in the kayak...
Naomi couldn't resist at least wading in the river!
Melody in the kayak...
Bob, after returning to the beach...
This little guy got to go kayaking with his dad!
Finally... I had to include this photo of the youngest camper, taking his nap in our trailer!
And one photo (thanks to Miss M), that documents that I was actually there too!
And lastly... Grandpa hitching up the trailer, with Mr. O's help, ready to pull out...until next year!
Farewell Summer!

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