Saturday, September 5, 2015

Family Camping... Part 2

I didn't really get any great photos that showed our actual campsites. We had two neighboring campsites. On one we had our trailer and Lucas's tent. This was also the site where we had evening campfires which usually did not include the littles as they were all off to bed (or at least their parents were trying to get them off to bed). The second site was home to 3 family tents, Crandon and Angela's, Peter and Melody's and Jordan and Becky's. It also had the screen room which served as a place to corral babies and toys.
The campground had two nice playgrounds, which the little ones enjoyed...
...and the "not so little" ones as well!
There was a large grassy area across from our campsites that had a volleyball net and horseshoe pits; it served as a great place to run and play and it was full of quite bold gophers that would pop their heads up to the delight of the kids.

Tomorrow... food... and dirt!

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