Friday, September 4, 2015

Family Camping... Part 1

This summer we endeavored to do a family camping trip. It was a challenge to find some days that worked for most of the family... we settled on the last week of August and chose a nearby campground on the Russian River that allowed family to come and go as needed. Everyone was able to join us for some amount of time with the exception of Timothy and Jessica, who were having their own adventures up in Canada!

I have such an assortment of random photos that I will try to post them in groups over the next several days.


Naomi brought her guinea pigs camping, which may sound rather odd, but it seemed easier than trying to find a "sitter" for them and as we have a spacious trailer it seemed that it would be just as easy to take them. They had to "camp" in their small travelling cage, but they did get plenty of visits from the little folks!
Lucas had never "tented" as we had upgraded to trailer camping when he was just a little guy, so he decided he wanted to camp in his own tent, which was set up next door to us! Actually, I think he was mostly opposed to sharing quarters with the guinea pigs!
Biking was a popular activity at the campground; many had brought bikes and those that didn't shared the bikes that were there. There were lots of roads in the campground and some ventured out of the campground to ride, and the little folks rode in the campsite or with mom and dad.
Angela and Crandon have a cargo bike that can accommodate two or more kids!
Another fun activity was feeding the ducks at the duck pond. The general store sold a cone full of duck feed for 25 cents. The grands enjoyed depositing their quarters and filling their cones!
This little guy was more interested in throwing rocks into the water than feeding the ducks!

Check back soon for more camping adventures!

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