Tuesday, July 9, 2013

36 Years...

36 years. Can that be possible?

Time is such a fickle measure. Mere minutes can drag into an eternity and yet years can disappear with hardly a lingering memory. Our 36 years of marriage have had their share of both! Moments that are vivid and just as real as if yesterday and at the same time whole years that I seem unable to even account for.

We were 19 and 22, so young and with a whole life ahead of us (did I say very young?) Projects we would do and places we would go, and of course we had forever to do it all! Somewhere along the way I realized we would never do all the things we thought we would; fortunately somewhere about that same time I realized that it didn't matter. The things that mattered were day to day life with our God, with each other and with our family.

On that day 36 years ago when we made those vows, “til death do us part”, I have no doubt as to our full sincerity and commitment, but certainly we were at least na├»ve as to what that journey would be. Six kids (really?), homeschool them all (you're kidding!), run our own business too? How good that our God only unfolds one day at a time!

Today I am thankful first to our God, because His ways always work, one man and one woman for life, and secondly I am thankful to Bob, my beloved husband, who has faithfully loved, led and provided for all of us everyone of those 36 years!

Here is a memory from our wedding day:

So today, Bob, I'll once again take your hand and follow you...

Happy Anniversary!


  1. And, thank you for those wonderful years my lovely Bride.
    Not really so many as it seems when we count them.
    I'm still ever so glad that I'm Your Man and you're My Girl.

  2. Congratulations on 36 years, Bob and Olinda! Your love and commitment to God, eachother, and your family stands out in a world where such enduring ways seem uncommon. God bless you as you continue the journey together!