Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sweet Pea & Sapphire

Meet the girls, Sweet Pea and Sapphire, the newest additions to our household.

Naomi has been begging for a guinea pig for a number of years. (Her big sisters had guinea pigs when they were about her age.) She has read all the books that the library has on guinea pigs, but alas the answer has always been... "no, one dog is enough!" But, a couple weeks ago, Naomi's dad said, "yes." I think he must be getting soft in his old age, either that or he misses all the marrieds so much that he's resorting to guinea pigs to fill the void! Naomi was ecstatic and long story short, we ended up with two guinea pigs as they are social creatures and not very happy by themselves. Sweet Pea is black, white and brown. Sapphire is all black with just the smallest white smudge on her forehead.


  1. Hi there, I didn't remember your girls had guinea pigs??? I love them for pets-they are so friendly; I had one when I taught preschool before I was married. So do you still have Oliver? I think that was his name? He must be very old now or maybe you've gotten a new dog.
    Love seeing Naomi-she is a beauty just like her mom and sisters. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Hugs, Noreen

    1. Oliver our dog is long gone. He lived to be 13. We now have a medium size terrier mix that came to us from the shelter as a pup. She is kind of high strung and nervous, not near as dependable as Oliver was. She seems to have gotten more neurotic over the last several years as we have had lots of changes in the family. I don't totally trust her around the grand kids.