Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jam, Jam, Jam...

What do most people do when the thermometer reads over 100 degrees? Maybe go to the beach or sit in the shade sipping lemonade? We have had several days of extreme heat and I have spent some of that time making close to 4 gallons of jam - apricot, plum and a blend which I'm trying to decide whether to call  "apricum" or "plumicot". The apricots I purchased from a local source and the plums are from our backyard tree. When fruit is ripe it doesn't wait for cool weather!

I figure we go through about 1 jar per week of jam so I like to make enough to last the year. Usually I'm making strawberry also, but I think I missed out on local strawberries this year with our wedding and company in June. I guess I may have to break down and buy a jar or two if I want some strawberry for variety. Bob's favorite is blackberry and Melody usually gifts him with several jars for his July birthday. This makes me very happy as I really hate to pick blackberries!

 Here is some of the finished product!

 Here is a pot of apricot and plum before I stirred it up!
The finished jam is such a pretty color!


  1. Hi my friend, This brings back so many memories-do you still go to the Fruit Group? I haven't made jam in several years but still can and also get farm fresh produce and freeze it. Both of our girls still can and make jam-you've got to when you've got a big family. Hope you have a wonderful family day tomorrow.
    Hugs, Noreen

    1. Yes, Noreen, my apricots were from the fruit group!