Monday, July 15, 2013

Meeting AnnaBelle's Calf...

Angela and Crandon's cow, AnnaBelle, had her calf last week (on our anniversary I might add), so it has been high on Naomi's priority list to go and meet the new calf. Naomi is the only genuine "animal lover" in our family, so if not for her persistence it may have been some time before we would have made it over for a visit! So yesterday after our Sunday fellowship we headed over to meet the 5 day old little heifer. I must say she is a pretty cute little thing, with her well licked fur going all directions and her very long eyelashes framing her big eyes.

Here she comes, following her mama!
Naomi came prepared with her rubber boots and wasted no time climbing the gate to see the little one.

This Little Guy seemed to be saying, "I'm not sure why all the fuss over a calf!"
This Little Man was only moderately interested in the cow and calf...
...but he sure had fun with the trapeze rings...
... and playing hide and seek among the curtains of weeping willow!
And this Little Guy... he checked out. Ho hum, cows and calves... boring stuff!

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  1. "Gypsy" is one month old today, and she is getting a lot stronger already!
    These are fun pictures of the little guys!